Be your strenghts finder !

Test yourself and become your ‘strengths finder’

One of the most damaging things we can do in our career is to stay for years where we think we’re comfortable. What often happens is that you start to question your value in the marketplace, and wonder if you really have the ability to succeed and thrive outside your current situation. In this fast changing world, nothing could be taken for granted.

Without tests, you would never know what are the things you most value about yourself. How strong is your determination ? How would you define yourself … your limits, your patience… your passion?

Getting out of your comfort zone is a must if you aim for the moon. I know that taking the first step can be scary (I’ve learned too) but here some reasons why it’s completely worth it:

You will explore your potential

As simple as it sounds, by keeping track of how we react on trying new things, we can better judge where we need to improve ourselves. If you stick to a routine for a long time, you’ve only developed a specific set of skills you use often, and other strengths may be ignored. Exercising just one muscle won’t make you strong overall; it will make you imbalanced. Shaking things up in your career can help you find expertise you’ve never used before and strengthen them.

This attitude can create a fast track for accelerating your career path. Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to be successful maintaining the status quo, BUT only true differentiation is achievable for those who are willing to dive into new areas.

I’ve seen that the hardest person to assess accurately is ourselves and consequently, the major obstacle to test ourselves is usually ‘over-thinking’. We often spend too long wondering and stressing over what path we should follow rather than getting into action.

Focus on your “strength zone”: Identify, highlight and try what makes you unique and lean into it so you stand out. Don’t be afraid of choosing the wrong path, we always remain a ‘life’ student and every situation will shape our learning curve.

dream big

You will grow as a person

No matter where it takes you, stepping out of your limits has outstanding benefits that outweigh the intimidating risks. Shaking up monotony with new life experiences guarantees a fresh, renewed outlook on life and will positively impact any of your future job situation.

I’d take an employee with a wide array of experiences over someone who’s only done the same for decades, as the former applicant is likely more adaptable, more creative and capable of tackling new and interesting challenges than the person who played it safe.

You will inspire others

Taking risks and believing in yourself allows you to be a better person for others, what you do gives them an inspiring role model for growth and change.

The only thing that is important in life is YOU – your talents and gifts, your ability to contribute to something that matters. When you live from that knowledge, you’ll create a gainful and rewarding experience no matter where you go, and despite turbulences around you. And to do that, you need to continually push yourself out of your comfort zone.

We all have passion to embrace, interest to explore and talent to express. Why not give it a try?

Life is a test

If you never feel uncomfortable in your life and career you are undoubtedly limiting your opportunities to do greater things than you might never have imagined.

Life is always testing us. It’s like a like a river, it has twists and turns, ups and downs but still a flowing river of opportunities !

Don’t miss the entrepreurial train, and take your chance !